Air Fresheners

THE F-ONE PASSIVE AIR SYSTEM offers 60 days of odor control in an environmentally responsible way.

  • Features 60 full days of odor control and air enhancement
  • Spill resistant from start to finish, avoiding messes
  • “Simple twist” opening takes only seconds, reducing labor time and money
  • Contains a molecular odor counteractant that effectively fights odors, rather than merely masking them
  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet
  • Reliable gravity-operated system; doesn’t depend on batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power
  • Fits competitors’ dispensers for easy switchover

Available in these fresh scents:

  • Cherries Jubilee
  • Green Apple
  • Mango Mystique
  • Naturally Clean
  • Orange Grove
  • Spring Flower
  • Mountain Breeze
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Tropical Paradise (Coming soon!)